THIS JUST IN is a brand-new youth oriented single camera comedy that is best described as “zany with a heart” Elizabeth Stanton stars as a socially repressed teenager who arrives at a new school and falls quickly into a group of rather eclectic friends each with their own issues. They each find that they have a unique bond all centering around the school’s television and social media channels. The characters refer to the viewer quite often by breaking the fourth wall as they vlog their commentaries on events of the day. This allows the viewer to be involved as “one of the friends”.

A WHEELCHAIR WON’T STOP THESE 7 Amazing WOMEN FROM DANCING AND LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST! For the first time in Hollywood Christmas Parade history, a unique team of dancers will be taking the ‘dis’ out of ‘disability’. Rollettes Dance Team – Founded in 2012 by Chelsie Hill, have created a community that redefines what it means to be strong, female, and resilient. With dance they dazzle and inspire, breaking down long established physical and psychological barriers to access for all. Their mission is to support women empowering women with disabilities to live ‘Boundlessly’ and to shift perspectives through music and dance. The Rollettes have integrated six able bodied dancers into their number and teamed up with celebrity choreographer G Madison to make it all flow. Universal Music Japan’s award-winning singer-songwriter Che’Nelle will also join the ROLLETTES this time to create a truly unique Christmas dance experience for the 86th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade!