Broken Horn Ropers

Broken Horn Ropers from the City of Baldwin Park.

Felix A. Lopez has been awarded best Trick Roper around the world, you have seen him & Moses on TV, commercials and other city and state parades.

The team is multi-generational, multicultural, diverse trick roping team.  Their ages range from 5-70, boys and girls, young and older. The team is has of several family units, the Lopez , the King, Larson, Williams, Alcantar and Tift Family. Guest Riders are: Miss Rodeo California, Miss Rodeo Norco, Miss  San Dimas, Miss Rodeo Hisperia.

There are currently 20 members. There are 10 members who ride and trick rope on horseback , a credit to the great desire of the team to learn and excel and to the master teacher, Felix A. Lopez.  The team can do complex roping tricks on foot as well as on horseback, such as the Flat Loop, Vertical loop, the Umbrella, Texas Skip and Lightning Bolts. These are done with such ease and finesse.. Entertaining fans of Rodeos, Theaters, T.V. and special appearances throughout the United States and in California.

Miss Rodeo Adelanto-Lexi Specchio

Miss Hesperia Wranglers-Haley Brown

Jr. Miss Hesperia Wranglers- Hailee Herman

Young Miss Hesperia Wranglers-Kayla Cameron

Petite Miss Hesperia Wranglers-Payten Mae Metten

Miss Rodeo Kern County- Amanda Hop

Miss Leona Valley Gymkhana Queen- Roxy Neria

Miss San Bernardino Sheriffs Rodeo- Sara McClaine

Miss Rodeo San Dimas- Cora Steffy

Srita Zacatecas Mexico- Alexis Isaias