PAVA World Traditional Marching Band

Director – Jae Lin Chung
Los Angeles, CA


PAVA World Traditional Marching Band is comprised of 150 PAVA Junior volunteers from all over Southern California. The band dresses in traditional Korean costumes and play ethnic instruments, dance traditional dances, and wave traditional flags when marching in events. Band participants have been practicing every Saturday to perfect their performance and still managed to participate in many volunteer events as PAVA Junior members. The PAVA World Korean Traditional Marching Band has been participating in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and in the 2013 Rose Parade since year 2011.

PAVA World’s goals are to preserve the environment, promote volunteerism, and unify different communities through cultural understanding. PAVA World’s environmental efforts involve yearlong cleanups in the Los Angeles area and communal efforts involve serving the underprivileged. While promoting environmental activism and serving the community, PAVA World seeks to bridge the gap between different cultures through the arts, specifically Korean traditional arts. Since Korean culture may be unfamiliar to Korean Americans and others in the world, PAVA World Traditional Marching Band is an excellent opportunity for the band participants, as well as the viewers, to get acquainted with Korean culture through its traditional arts.