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October 23, 2019
Brandon Rogers
October 29, 2019

Burt Ward


WOWIE ZOWIE – BURT WARD who starred as Robin the Boy Wonder on the iconic Batman 66 television series will receive his star on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME on JAN 9TH 2020, his star will placed next to his co- star Adam West.

Ward also guest starred on the CW networks Cross over episode bringing Burt as Dick Grayson together with The Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman, and Supergirl to help solve CRISIS ON INFINATE EARTHS …..Burt Ward who starred as ROBIN on the classic TV series BATMAN can still seen worldwide today and on the IFC Network as well as other networks weekly, is teaching dog owners how to double the life of dogs.

Burt and his wife Tracy for the past 25 years has saved the lives of over 15,500 dogs at their GENTLE GIANTS RESCUE in Norco Ca.

Gentle Giants Rescue is the world’s largest big dog rescue, many stars such as Vanessa Williams and America Ferrara , and others adopt their dogs from Burt as do consumers. Gentle Giants Rescue which is a nonprofit. In fact, all of the sales of Gentle giant’s dog food goes to the rescue and Burt and his wife take no salary and make no money from the sales of dog food or from the rescue, finally a star that cares and has a heart to save dogs of all sizes. BURT HAS GONE FROM CAPED CRUSADER TO CANINE CRUSADER.

Burt had all the makings of a true boy wonder: At the age of two, Burt was the youngest professional ice skater in the world and was featured  in “Strange As It Seems,” a predecessor to the Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not” and to “The Guinness Book Of World Records.”   As a teenager, Burt was an all-around athlete, strong in martial arts, wrestling, track, tennis and golf, and combined with a sharp intellect, played “first board” in chess for Beverly Hills High School, achieved placement in the top 3% in the U.S. in math and science tests at UCLA, and became the world’s fastest reader – Burt tested before the American Medical Society in Beverly Hills, California and was clocked at 30,000 words per minute with 90% comprehension (the average reader reads 240 words per minute with 40% comprehension). Burt was featured in an article entitled, “Will the Real Boy Wonder Please Stand Up” and subsequently appeared on the national television educational reading show “Read Right.”

With the help of his father, a prominent real estate broker in Beverly Hills, CA, Burt became one of the youngest real estate agents in California, and met producer, Saul David, who arranged for him to sign with a Hollywood agent. His first interview was set up at 20thCentury Fox Studios, and a few weeks later, Burt was called back for a screen test with Adam West.

Little did aspiring actor, Burt Ward, know that learning martial arts in addition to his mental and athletic prowess would change his life forever.  Holder of a brown belt in karate at the time, Burt showed off his athletic ability for the producers by demonstrating some falls and tumbles, and even broke a one-inch thick pine board with his hand.  Later, Burt attained his black belt from his instructor, All Korean champion, Young Ik Suh.  Burt was friends with Bruce Lee and sparred with him prior to and during Batman.  A special piece of movie trivia is that Bruce Lee’s first filmed fight scene of his career was fighting Burt Ward. In October 2015, Burt was inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame.

Executive Producer, William Dozier, told Burt that he was chosen out of more than 1,100 other young actors trying out for the role of Robin because the producers believed that “If there really was a real ‘Robin, The Boy Wonder,’ then Burt would be it,” so they requested him to “just be himself and be enthusiastic.”  As a result, all of the mannerisms you see Robin doing like punching his fist into his palm, jumping over the door in and out of the Batmobile, and all the unique Robin traits of the character that were not scripted, were created by Burt himself as his contribution to the legendary role of the Robin character.  When he first met Burt, Executive Producer, William Dozier,commented about Ward’s tall size in comparison to Adam West, and the new Boy Wonder prospect promptly replied, “I promise you, sir, I won’t grow anymore.” Dozier laughed and told Burt that he would hold him to that.  Dozier further commented that ‘Burt’s enthusiasm and demeanor could not be duplicated – He is the Robin The Boy Wonder’.  As William Dozier stated in an interview when he reveals the moment that he knew he’d found his perfect Boy Wonder, “The boy, Burt Ward, had never done anything before and the moment he walked into this office I knew he was Robin because he had that ‘Gee Whiz, Mr Dozier’ approach right off the bat that couldn’t be duplicated!”

It wasn’t until six weeks after the screen test that Burt learned that he had won the coveted role of Robin, the Boy Wonder in the new “Batman” TV series for ABC-TV.  He was everything they wanted. All he had to do was just be himself.

Batman Was an Overnight Sensation!  Biff, Bam, Boom! The Ratings Soared!

Burt and Adam West made hundreds of personal appearances together and were featured in dozens of magazine articles, including the cover of Life magazine.

Years later, when accepting Harvard’s “Man of the Year” award, Burt brought one of his original Robin costumes, even then valued at six figures. Some students came up to him dressed as security guards and told him they would keep the costume safe. Then, in the middle of Burt’s speech, one student stood up and asked, “When is a costume not a costume? When it’s stolen.” The lights dimmed and the students grabbed the costume and made off. After snapping photos with one another in the cape, they later called Ward and gave the costume back. The ringleader of the gang? Harvard Lampoon editor, Conan O’Brien.

From “Caped Crusader” to “Canine Crusader”

In 1994, Burt and his wife, Tracy Posner Ward, philanthropist (and daughter of  billionaire industrialist and philanthropist, Victor Posner), rescued a Great Dane in distress. From this experience, they learned about dozens of other Great Danes also needing homes. When they called weeks later to see what had happened to the others, they were horrified to hear that they had all been destroyed. Both Burt and Tracy have a huge love for animals. They then made a decision, and created a rescue for Great Danes and other giant dog breeds.

Located 50 miles east of Los Angeles in Norco, CA, a unique animal friendly community, Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity created by Burt and Tracy.  Gentle Giants has rescued and adopted more than 15,500 giant breed, medium breed, and small breed dogs, along with unique combinations, during their 23 years of operation. All of their dogs are socialized and behaviorally trained, and live communally together in their home. Gentle Giants is the largest giant breed dog rescue in the world and rescues and finds homes for 45 different dog breeds, ranging from 2 lbs. to 300 lbs.

Traditionally, giant breed dogs usually have short lifespans, living 6-8 years or 7-9 years, depending upon the breed.  Spending millions of dollars of their own money and more than a decade of rescuing, caring for and adopting, research and testing, and combining their Gentle Giants Special Feeding and Care Program with their own All Natural Gentle Giants Dog Food, Burt and Tracy have successfully doubled the average lifespan of their rescued giant breed dogs, and significantly lengthened the average lifespan of their rescued small and medium breed dogs as well, with dogs living as long as 27 active, healthy years with a wonderful quality of life.

Gentle Giants Products manufacturers Natural Gentle Giants World Class Canine Nutrition Dog Food, both dry food and canned food, which is sold in more than 3,000 stores across the U.S., including 500 Stop and Shop grocery stores in 13 states on the East Coast, 70 Big Y stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and in California, Gentle Giants is sold in Walmart Supercenters in the U.S. and Canada, and in Southern California, Stater Bros. Markets, Ralphs Grocery Stores, and Gelson’s Supermarkets. In March 2020, Gentle Giants will be sold nationally in 1,100 Target Stores to 1,750 Walmart Supercenters.  Natural Gentle Giants Dog and Puppy Food is also sold nationally through mail order on,, and

Gentle Giants has a spectacular new line of canned (wet) dog food, with 90% Beef, 90% Chicken, 90% Salmon, and 90% Turkey. Each entrée has eight (8) fruits and vegetables, all certified Non GMO ingredients (do not contain genetically modified organisms), along dandelion greens for liver and gastrointestinal health, and New Zealand green mussels, which provide a natural concentration of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.  Gentle Giants Products is also developing an entire line of wet and dry cat food.

Burt Ward and Adam West continued to do movies, TV shows and appearances, individually and together, until Adam’s death, and have had a lifetime of more than 50 years of friendship working together, and have even been submitted to the Guinness Book of World records in 2017 as the only two actors who have worked together for more than 50 years.

Burt has also been submitted to the Guinness Book of Wold Records as the actor who has played “Robin, the Boy Wonder” most onscreen in all forms of media; including TV, Movies, Animated Features, TV Animated Series, Radio performances, and more.

In 2016, Burt Ward’s and Adam West’s new animated feature film, “Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders” was released in theaters as well as on Blu-Ray and DVD, and was reviewed and acknowledged to be the best Animated Superhero Movie of the year for 2016.

The 2017 release of the sequel to “Batman:Return of The Caped Crusaders” entitled “Batman vs Two-Face” again had Burt Ward and Adam West starring and working together, but this time, they are joined by William Shatner portraying the insidious villain, Two-Face, which has been received with tremendous reviews, and was the Best Animated Superhero Movie of 2017!  “Batman vs Two-Face” joins the actors of the two most iconic TV series in history: “Batman” and “Star Trek,” working together in a thrilling, non stop action feature that is fabulous for “Kids of All Ages.”  Included on the Batman vs Two-Face” Blu-Ray and DVD is a very special 15 minute surprise bonus tribute to Burt from Warner Bros. entitled “The Wonderful World of Burt Ward,” showing the special friendship that Burt and Adam West shared through the years of working together, and also documenting Burt and Tracy’s dedication to helping dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives and the development of the unique “Gentle Giants Special Feeding and Care Program for Dogs” and Natural Gentle Giants World Class Canine Nutrition Dog Food.

At recent appearances and events, Tracy Ward accompanies Burt dressed as “Robin’s Girl” and wears her “Robin’s Girl” costume.

Holy Hot Dog, Batman!
Burt ‘Robin’ Ward was honored with his own Superhero Hot Dog by Hollywood’s Legendary Pink’s. The World Famous Pink’s Hotdog Restaurant created a special delicious ‘Burt “Robin” Ward Hotdog’ in Burt’s honor and it remains a popular Batmenu choice.

Burt was the Grand Marshall of the Norco Christmas Parade accompanied by Tracy. Burt and Tracy Ward now drive in the Batmobile each year in the Hollywood Christmas Parade to benefit Toys for Tots.  Burt was also Grand Marshall for the Huntington Beach Parade, the largest July 4th parade in the nation.

Burt and Tracy worked with Donnelle Dadigan to help in the creation of the History Making Batman 66 Exhibit at the Hollywood Museum in Honor of Adam West and all of the Heroes and Villains of Batman 66.  To this day, this Great History making Exhibit is the First of it’s kind and will also be the backdrop and location of the First Annual Burt Ward Global Batusi for World Peace Day, Dance, and Contest on January 9, 2019.

Burt is currently doing ‘Virtual Appearances’ and will be meeting fans all over the world virtually.  He made an virtual appearance at Adam West Day in Walla Walla, WA which was a huge success and loved by all attendees.

Burt and Tracy have formed ‘Burt Ward’s and Tracy Ward’s Superheroes To The Rescue, Inc. to empower everyone to realize that ‘We Can All Be Superheroes When We Do Whatever We Can to Help’ – to empower every one of us to use our own special abilities and ‘Super Powers’ to help animals and anyone in need.

Burt and Tracy will also be working with The Artists Music Guild in Charlotte, NC to create school programs to teach children of all ages to love and properly care for animals and to understand that we are all superheroes when we work together for good, love each other, and share our dreams and values of honesty, integrity and kindness to all.

Burt recently filmed an appearance on the TV show, Supergirl, and will be part of the upcoming ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover that will be part of a five Television Series Extravaganza which will encompass the five Arrow-verse shows; Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

In the afternoon of Thursday, January 9, 2020, The first Annual Burt Ward Global Batusi For Peace Day, Dance and Contest will take place at the Hollywood Museum with separate simultaneous events, dances and contests being held in Times Square, Australia and many other locations Nationally and Internationally.  Burt Ward, Robin, The Caped Crusader and The Canine Crusader is calling the whole world to action to dance together during The Global Batusi Dane For Peace. In a world gone crazy, lets leave everyday worries and stresses behind as we join “Batman Doing The Batusi” and say “Holy Wow” with Burt Ward Robin The Boy Wonder.  Calling the whole world to unite and celebrate and dance the Batusi together in honor or and in tribute to all of the Heroes and Villains of Batman past and present and to help all our precious pets live the longest, healthiest, happiest lives possible.  Contest details will be announced and All prizes for these events and contests will be delivered by Batmobile, Batcycle, Batboat and/or Batcopter.

Burt will be receiving his Star on the Hollywood Walk of fame in 2020 and invites the entire world and our entire big Batman Family and Gentle Giants Family to come and celebrate with him.