PAVA Korean Traditional Band

PAVA Korean Traditional Band is dressed in traditional Korean costumes and play ethnic instruments, dance traditional dances, and wave traditional flags. The band seeks to bridge the gap between different cultures through the arts, specifically Korean traditional arts. Since Korean culture may be unfamiliar to Korean Americans and others in the world, PAVA World is an excellent opportunity for the band participants, as well as the viewers, to get acquainted to Korean culture through its traditional arts.

2021 Marching Band and Pageantry


Maker Empire

Maker Empire is an elite dance empire of multiple professional dance companies, created from the devious and creative mind of director and founder, Beau Fournier.

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Gevorkian Dance Academy

In 2006, the dance academy proudly celebrated its 10 year anniversary at the famous Kodak Theatre. Later in 2010 they celebrated their 15th anniversary at the world

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Thunder Squad Drumline and Dance Team

Thunder Squad Drumline

In 2011, CEO and Executive Director Tyra Hawthorne created the Thunder Squad Drumline. This program went on to become the larger Heartbeat Music & Performing

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