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November 16, 2019
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November 18, 2019

Larry Mathews


Larry Mathews was born in Burbank, Ca., August 15, 1955.  Born the sixth of seven children to the family, Larry grew quickly, and was entertaining the other family members and neighbors at the young age of 3.  At 4 ½ , he was talking acting lessons from Lois Hour, through which he got the chance to interview with Carl Reiner for the part of Rob and Laura’s adorable son, Ritchie, on the Dick Van Dyke show pilot.  Larry was one of 2 children selected, and got the nod because Carl wanted an “unknown” boy to play Ritchie, and bring some freshness to the character.

The Dick Van Dyke Show ran for 5 years on CBS, and garnered numerous Emmy Awards.  Larry received the Emmy certificate as part of the show that was honored as best comedy series in 1965-66.  The shows continual airing and amazing longevity is truly a tribute to the creators, writers, cast and crew of the series.  It continues to entertain people around the world today, and is honored by exhibits in both the Smithsonian Institute, and the Museum of Broadcasting, both of which Larry is a part of.

After the shows final episode in 1966, Larry returned to life as a regular child, and part of his big family.  He continued to act and entertain in local stage productions, pursuing his talents during high school and college years.  He attended Notre Dame High in Sherman Oaks, and eventually on to major in Theatre Arts at UCLA.

Upon graduating College, he returned to his career in the entertainment business he loved, but this time to work behind the scenes in production and post-production.  As Larry always had an interest and fascination with what went on behind the camera, he decided to put his acting on hold and learn the “nuts and bolts” of television and motion picture making.  His very successful career since collage has span over 37 years, and all types of production and post-production positions, including assistant producer, editor, asst. director, and post-production supervisor.

Married to his wife Jennifer since 1987, they still live in the L. A. area, where he works today as Vice President of Sales for a post-production facility, CCI Digital.  Larry still does voice over work, is also involved in numerous outside the entertainment industry ventures.  He hopes to release a book over the next years, detailing the reality of life in Hollywood show biz

Larry often jokes that he has had a great life, has a great life, and it’s “only getting better”. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything”,